Utopia dinning salmon caviar appetizer and wine


Dining options abound aboard Utopia. Celebrated chefs and their team of culinary wizards will offer a mouthwatering array at each of the ship’s signature restaurants. Located on Deck 14, each venue offers breathtaking views of the exotic destinations on Utopia’s itinerary. Casual snacks by the pool also on Deck 14, or sandwiches delicately prepared in the Deli on Deck 5, can be quick answers when hungry during a leisurely day aboard ship. An elegant black-tie, six-course gourmet presentation in the Owners’ Club Restaurant can be savored with wine pairings selected by Utopia’s sommelier, even from your private cellar. Lastly, the Rent-A-Chef option is ideal for private dinner parties within your own residence. You need only prepare the guest list.

An Unparalleled Lifestyle

Attend the world's most exclusive events and experience incomparable luxury in your oceanfront home, where the view changes with each new destination. Utopia offers a truly unparalleled lifestyle.

Live on Utopia

Discover the world like never before – from the comfort of your own private luxury residence. Welcome home.